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Wine Tasting FAQ


Why do the tours start with such an early pickup around 08h00?

Good wine takes time, so do our tours! Spain is not a small country either, and is actually the most mountaneous country in Europe, and therefore there might be some time required to reach the first wine cellars. The route from Marbella to Ronda for example, which although is less than 55km as the crow flies, but the mountain drive to Ronda takes about an hour each way. Once in the wine region, the cellars are relatively close to each other. Of course, it is especially true to Spain that each tasting can also last around 2 hours, as the winemasters don’t like their wine to be rushed! Also ending your day with an optional typical Spanish lunch at a vineyard means indulging in a typical session of "sobremesa".

What physical condition is required?

The vineyard tours are not usually too far away from the wine cellar installations, and although some comfortable shoes may be required, it is not especially physically demaning. Sightseeing, on the other hand, can involve signficant steps or climbing in historic buildings, or narrow cobbled streets which were designed hundreds of years before modern urban planning.

Why 5 people minimum for some tours?

As we are a small company we do not have resources to offer every tour, every day (although we would like to).

Which season is the best to visit Spanish wineries?

The best time to visit Spain depends on what you’re after. Spring offers a good combination of mild weather and outdoor activities and lower rate hotel accommodation etc, while during summer visitors need to be aware of the extreme daytime heat and the usual influx of crowds to popular destinations such as the coastal areas or northern Spain. Autumn is the best time for those with a serious interest in viticulture as it is harvest season. While winter provides respite from the heat as well as relative tranquility without the usual crowds of summer.


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TrippyVines offer wine & food tours throughtout Andalucia as well as Rioja.


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